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Goodbye A2-25 [Mar. 29th, 2008|02:42 pm]
Life in Kaohsiung


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I taught A2-25 for the last time on Friday as well and it was also my last class that I had to teach. I got a stronger reaction from them than I was expecting when I told them I was leaving but I guess I should be too surprised since I'm the only foreign teacher they've known. I managed to get a few pictures of them.

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A2-25 group photo. In the back there is Rick, Wilson, Hunter, Gina, Cherry, and Kiki. In the middle row is Sean, Jerry, Danny, Vivian, Shauna, Lauren, and Judy. In the very front is Jacky and Andrew. I think Oscar and Robin are in the very back but you can't see them.

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Jerry, Andrew, Hunter, Sean, Danny, Rick, and Wilson taking their test.

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Robin, Oscar, and Jacky taking their test

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Kiki, Cherry, Gina, Shauna, Lauren, Judy, and Vivian taking their test.